a bit about me:

I am an applied neuroscientist, in the field of Brain-Computer Interfaces. 

What lead me into the field is the mission to create a future with superpowers. Innovations in Applied Neuroscience technology are paving the way to making my dream a reality.

But with great power comes great responsibility, that’s why I founded Neuro-Bootcamp, to open up neuroscience, bring innovation out of the lab and into the real world, and create a new generation of empowered disruptive innovators. 

My previous experience as the lead project manager at BLCKB Applied Neuroscience, I developed biosignal cloud processing and neuromarketing research.


My research on neuromarketing data made me a finalist for the Science Breakthrough of 2020 at the Falling Walls & Berlin Science Week Conference. Currently, as an ASEF Fellow, I conduct biomedical signal processing, sensor fusion and virtual reality research. 

Interested in Neuroscience? Feel free to connect with me through email or linkedin.