The innovative solution measuring mental fatigue through sophisticated eye parameter tracking for the Automotive Industry and Medical sector. 

Mental fatigue is a proven cause of serious mistakes including up to 20% of vehicle accidents. In the automotive industry this issue needs to be addressed and BLCKB building on its experience working with the automotive authority of Slovenia, AMZS, now won the top 5th innovation in Germany awarded by the European Space Agency for the BRNoutID solution.



World’s first mobile, scalable, multipurpose, easy to use EEG recording and analysis platform.

The WhiteBox EEG platform is an innovative combination of hardware and software designed to dictate future trends in the applied neuroscience industry. From the ground up it has been engineered both with scalability and mobility in mind. The platform is extremely flexible and modular which makes it suitable for practically any application where EEG signals need to be recorded, analysed and interpreted on a larger scale with high levels of precision.

Brain Dictionary

The Leading Innovation Competition For Satellite 

The BLCKB Brain Dictionary project is a Machine Learning Model that is using neuromarketing data to reconstruct what subjects perceive based on their brain activity captured by EEG. In essence it’s building a dictionary for EEG signals to decode information about what a person is hearing, reading, or possibly even thinking with the goal of eventually building software that would allow us to read the mind directly from EEG signals, impacting the science in unknowable ways.